Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dress Code at ILP

TCS is not so strict about it's dress code, but it's better you follow the dress code because probably you won't be following it after training. You are supposed to be in formal clothing from Monday through Thursday which meant - A formal shirt with formal trousers, with tie, belt and shoes. You will be told in detail about the dress code in the first class of Profressional Grooming and Etiquette course. It seems it is better to wear light colored shirts, preferably plain as formals. Some other things - which most of you would be knowing that the belt and the shoe should be of the same color and that brown shoes are generally not considered formal. The socks should match the color of the trousers. The whole class will be about the ways of dressing for guys and girls. It really will be informative but became monotonous after a few minutes.


  1. hey can u giv an idea abt as to what would be the dress code fr girls as soon i l b a part of tcs..

  2. Hey Can Striped Shirts also be worn..??