Thursday, August 27, 2009

Medical Test

I will say first line about TCS Medical Test that its just a formality and nothing else. You don't have to get afraid of this. This is the normal procedure and each company demands for medical fitness prior to giving job to anyone. I have not heard of anyone getting rejected on the basis of medical test. Infact, there may not be any such cases till now as its a sort of formality and an assurance that you are not suffering with any ailment which can adversely cost the company. There can only be one possibility in which a person can be rejected and that is only if he/she has CANCER, AIDS or some other ailment which would probably result in the death in near future. So be confident about this test.
Things to remember :
1. You would be required to carry the medical form as made available to you by the TCS representative, the TCS offer letter, and a photo id.
2. Travelling expenses incurred to reach the medical centre would have to be borne by you.
3. It is advisable that you carry your previous medical/surgical reports, if any. This would help the physician/doctor at the medical center know your medical history better.
4. It is advisable that you appear for the medical checkup as per the prescribed timings only. In case the timings are not convenient, you are required to inform the TCS representative.
5. You are required to observe a fast in keeping with the instructions mentioned in your pre-employment medical form.
6. The detailed list of tests to be conducted is provided in the medical test form. These tests may vary on the basis of your gender and age.
7. You would have to undergo the medical checkup at a TCS-empanelled medical clinic. The TCS representative would ensure that you are assigned the medical center closest to your residence.
8. Slight cold/cough or even mild fever would not affect the status of your medical fitness
9. You will be informed about the overall status of medical fitness and your blood group. However, the medical report or a copy of the same will not be shared with you.
10. TCS will bear the cost for the pre-employment medical check-up
11. Various Test that happen in Medical are:

1) Urine Test (Are you an alcohol consumer?)
2) Blood Test
3) Chest X-Ray (Are you a smoker?)
4) Ultra Sonography(This is for your stomach)
5) Blood Pressure
6) ECG
7) Teeth and Eye test (No problems for power or cavity. You should not be color blind otherwise you will be surely eradicated.)
There may be some more minor tests

Finally a consultation session with the assigned doctor.
So all these is going to take at least 3-4 hours. So visit the hospital with that much time in hand.
The med test reports are directly send to the HR the day after your tests.



  1. whether there is any medical check up on first day of tcs