Thursday, August 27, 2009

TCS Service Agreement

The Service agreement must be typed on a Rs 100/- stamp paper (Two stamp papers of Rs 50/- will also serve the purpose). Only the first page needs to be typed on the Stamp Paper, the rest can be typed on normal white paper.
The date of the agreement is the date of your joining the Initial Learning Programme (ILP) at your respective location.
Only one surety is required for the purpose of this agreement. The surety should be any Income Tax Payee. Please note that you and the surety are required to sign on each page of the agreement including the first page and the last page at the bottom.
If you do have any doubt about filling up any blanks in the service agreement, please leave it blank and fill it up while submitting the same at your respective training centre. Please make sure that you have taken all requisite signatures from the surety.
The service agreement is required to be deposited at your respective training centre.
In case you do not have a surety to sign on this agreement, you may bring a Fixed Deposit of Rs 50,000/- (Rs Fifty Thousand Only) on your name (Candidate’s name) ASSIGNED to Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. The FD should be issued by a Nationalized Bank. You can seek further clarification on this from the bank you intend to make the FD from.
For the purpose of nomination for Superannuation, PF and HIS, you are required to know the correct Name/Address/Age and Date of Birth of the nominee.


  1. my date of joining was on13/10/2011,but i accidentaly take the fixed deposit on 22/09/2011.
    so my fixed deposit becomes due before completion of 2 years.will they accept it as surety.
    please replay fast.

  2. thank you so much for your info..........

  3. please guide me . i want to open fd 50000 on my name assigned to TCS . guide me.. my mail also tell me that in this case sign of surity needs to be blank??

  4. I have surety as my cousin...he is working in a corporate sector and hence he's saying that getting office seal for surety's verification is not possible...wants the alternative.?would his ID be enuf??reply soon...plz...

  5. If we don't have Rs.50000 in our account for the required FD then what alternative is there for the same?

  6. my father IT return says 0 tax paid this year so will it be valid or not..???
    reply fast....

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